Analysis and Remedy of the Failure of Flower Edition in Screen Printing

In the production and processing of cigarette labels, a considerable part of the products need to use screen printing a large area background color, substrates are generally gold, silver cardboard, the use of ink red, blue, purple, green pearl, gold sand, matte and so on. The equipment we use is Beijing Wenzhou's semi-automatic 8060 screen printer.

Screen printing is the most common fault when screen printing large areas of color, and it will appear repeatedly. The timely detection and elimination of “flower patterns” is an effective way to ensure the quality of products and reduce the scrap rate. Due to improper adjustment of equipment, printing plate quality, inks, additives, and process operations, it is possible to cause “flower pattern” failures. The specific reason analysis and solution methods are shown in Table 1.

The “stencil” caused by the uneven surface or uneven color of the substrate cannot be eliminated unless the raw material is changed. The “flower pattern” caused by other reasons can be completely avoided as long as it is discovered in time, the cause is found, and corresponding measures are taken.

Source: CorinMedia

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