Recently, Eastman Chemical launched the Embrace High Yield shrink film in the North American market. Chris Frank, market development manager for the Eastman Specialty Plastics Business Unit, said, "Embrace High Yield is an addition to Eastman's existing Embrace shrink film line and has ma

The new Galileo I 38mm CTC bottle cap for Galileo I 38mm CTC, which is newly introduced for disposable beverages and milk products, has attracted attention from end-users participating in the conference and has become the focus of everyone. The Galilio I 38mm CTC is very economical, uses HDPE mate

The use of Bagrier I and Barrier II food bags introduced by the American company Ferrol I in a large-capacity quick-frozen food proves that it is durable and suitable for high-speed filling. Barrier I is the perfect connection for quick-frozen food filling systems and practical applications to inc

This article examines the requirements of the planned economy and market economy for packaging, and what packaging strategies are used under market economy conditions. Today, packaging not only exists for the protection and storage of goods, but also has the effect of promoting sales. To play its

Ink href="/common/shared/ctl/displayeditorial.css" type=text/css rel=stylesheet> Cascades formally launched the first container line, Bioxo, which can be processed with fully oxygen degraded polystyrene foam. The Bioxo containers processed by Cascades are clearly designed to degrade

The Spncro Profile SP1200 system combines precise laser detection with high-performance Digital Signal Processor (DSP) technology to quickly determine the point of detection and accurately and faithfully determine the warpage of the board. A row of laser beam devices is fixedly mounted on the las

The color design of the cover design is an important aspect of the design. Appropriate color performance and artistic processing can produce eye-catching effects in the reader's vision. The use of color needs to take into account the needs of the content, using different color contrast effects