Coalescence, wrinkling. The factors that affect gas cracking include acid gas, humidity, light, temperature, mixed impurities, film thickness, contact time, and so on. Reduces and avoids slow migration of gas cracks using high boiling solvents, surfactants, and coupling agents. For example, wate

Bleeding, blooming: Fault phenomenon: The bottomed varnish or the full-text version of the ink, in the substrate carrier, the penetration of the pigment into the ink film and the oil film causes the surface ink or varnish color pigment to change or develop. We know that pigments that bleed easil

In the production and processing of cigarette labels, a considerable part of the products need to use screen printing a large area background color, substrates are generally gold, silver cardboard, the use of ink red, blue, purple, green pearl, gold sand, matte and so on. The equipment we use is B

(B) Disassembled The dismantled equipment was transformed from the form of a reel. With the development of society and people’s increasing demand for reading books, many of the disadvantages of scrolling books have gradually emerged. They can no longer adapt to new demands. If you read the

1, circular economy will become the main mode of development. Circular economy is a kind of economic growth model based on the principle of efficient use and recycling of resources, with low consumption, low emission and high efficiency as the basic characteristics, and in line with the concept o

Packaging Marketing Strategy (I) Market Positioning Marketing is not simply promoting products. The Corporate Marketing Department is different from the Sales Department. The Sales Department puts the specific marketing plans into action and puts them into action. The Marketing Department will p

British Coors Brewers announced that the company will launch a tough, low-cost plastic beer mug developed by Invicta Plastics of Leicestershire in March this year. The capacity of this glass is a pint. It is said that it is tough and difficult to be broken, and it can meet the safety requirements